Logistics data processing for software and portal providers

Convertit.io extracts logistics data from any source, processes it, validates for accuracy and returns it to you.


Massive benefits

The benefits of using a logistics data supplier are massive compared to doing the processing yourself.

  • No more heavy lifting

    Outsourcing data extraction and processing removes the need for having inhouse resources for these tasks.

  • Easy scaling

    Not having to rely on inhouse resources gives you the possibility and freedom to scale your business up and down as you need it.

  • Increase profits

    Outsourcing the processing to a large-scale data processing company will increase your profit margins and increase your your profits.

  • Pay for what you need

    No fixed long term costs. Pay-as-you-go, and only for the data you need.

  • Save time

    The time needed for small / medium scale data processing can better be used for something more profitable, for instance finding more customers.

  • Increase customer base

    Get in new customers by offering services you don't already have in place. All freight forwarders need many different reliable logistics data.

Data we deliver

Convertit.io extracts, processes and delivers all types of logistics data from a vast range of sources.

Rate management

Rates and charges from all sources processed the way you need it.

Logistic documents

All types of logistic documents processed fast and accurate.

Container tracking

We track containers for all carriers, and deliver the results the way you need them.

Sailing schedules

Collection and processing of sailing schedules from all carriers.

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